We Proud of Hua Xin Transport Service

Hua Xin founded in year 2000 as a lorry transport company in Malaysia. Our goal is providing

Trucking Lorry

Trucking Lorry

efficient Malaysia inland lorry transport service for domestic market. We achieve several milestones throughout the last 15 years in trucking transport which very well correlate with our commitment to transport sector.

Hua Xin Capability

Hua Xin started the business as Transport Company in agriculture sector, now we have extended our trucking service to other sectors:

  1. Agriculture sector
  2. Oil Palm by-product related sector
  3. Food Commodity transport sector
  4. Construction and related sector
Tipper Lorry

Tipper Lorry

In Hua Xin, we have several fleets of transport vehicle which able to fulfill customer requirement even under stringent cost control. Our fleet include:

  1. Prime Mover
  2. Tipper Lorry
  3. 30ft Truck
  4. Trailer

Our entire vehicle is fully equipped with GPS linked and trunk radio connection. This is to ensure we have 100% surveillance for our vehicle moving on the road. Meanwhile, we also subscribe goods insurance for giving customer sufficient and reasonable coverage.

Efficient Trucking Transport Team

In Hua Xin Transport, we achieve 50,000MT movement capability per month. Our fleet and transport team have made us success in providing transport service in Malaysia.

Transport Team. All drivers in Hua Xin owns Malaysia truck lorry driving license. They are also experience driver who has many years in driving.

Support Team. Our support team are located in the office helping the driver monitor and carry out adequate preventive maintenance. The support team will remind driver to ensure all details are carry out.

Emergency Response Team. In trucking transportation service, ad-hoc may happen even with detail preparation before the journey. In Hua Xin, we establish an emergency response network giving the full coverage from Penang to Kuala Lumpur. Our emergency response team and network will provide immediate support while necessary.

We Work Together with Customer

No matter our talents, we could never achieve today status without customer support. We are here to work with customer, listen to their needs and provide the best logistic solution by meeting customer requirement.

In Malaysia, the trucking transportation is facing more challenge than ever, such as:

  1. Diesel price is moving up
  2. Driver shortage
  3. More restriction in public transport
  4. Cost challenge and competition

In order to achieve the best trucking solution, Hua Xin requires to make use many transport operation data, corporate with customer before making any decision.

Hua Xin as a lorry transportation service in Malaysia has learn a lot throughout the pass 15 years journey, we are confident for moving forward to next regime with the commitment to provide best transport service for the region.

Feel free to contact Hua Xin for any trucking transport needs. We are here to serve you.

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